It’s muy healthy

Unique flavours of sweet and savoury low-carb products prepared with organic and gluten-free ingredients.

Our products

Hand crafted delights​

Gluten-free, Keto friendly and low carb delights, made with a selection of healthy ingredients chosen to represent flavours of our native countries Colombia and Mexico. Our products can be consumed at any time of the day, either as a snack or as part of the main course, they are ideal for people looking for homemade Gluten-free and low carb baked goods that taste good and are healthy. And for those ones that are looking for a healthy and delicious gift.

Most of our ingredients are certified organic, and our products are baked in biodegradable paper.

Bloquecito Pan

Artisanal mini loaf cakes that instantly brighten up your day. We use the healthiest ingredients to produce these mouth-watering artifacts.

Panecitos & Corazones​

Muffins and heart shaped cakes made with organic gluten-free ingredients: Almond flour, Amaranth & eggs.


Granola bars made with organic gluten-free and nut-free ingredients: oats, amaranth, quinoa & others.

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Private catering services

Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Baby showers. etc.

We provide freshly baked healthy treats for a variety of corporate functions or other celebrations from breakfast meetings, afternoon coffee breaks, parties etc. We are ready to help make your private catering event a memorable one.

Healthy food delivered to your door!
Food is an important part of life and if the meal is not perfect your event can not be perfect

What people say

I love muffins. I especially love “It’s muy healthy’s” panecitos they are moist(not dry), not too sweet and filled with healthy ingredients. My favorite flavours are Cranberry Lemon, Banana Chocochips and Avaocado. I would not hesitate to recommend  any of their products! 👍

Noreen Shulman

I am so happy I discovered It's muy healthy! The combination of delicious and healthy is all I need. I love your gluten-free panecitos, these are the best snack. Also one of my favourites are the barritas, especially the cranberry ones, they are so fresh and tasty! 😍

Melania Marin

The unique blend of wholesome ingredients coupled with a delicious taste made these a quality snack food.
I would highly recommend It's muy healthy products.

Michael McNeil

I am very grateful to It's muy healthy, The bloquecito-pan and Panecitos were delicious, all my co-workers loved it and they have already placed the orders for our next event.

Lina Sanmartin

Our family, children and friends have tasted and enjoyed many of the healthy choices It's muy healthy offers. Their gluten free, organic panecitos, and barritas are healthy and so delicious!
We love their creative flavours and presentation.
Thank you It's muy healthy!

Natalia Garbett

I never thought I’d be writing a review for gluten-free bread.  I’d always assumed gluten-free meant a compromise in texture and flavour. But not so with It’s muy healthy.
It’s unique combination of flavours truly are delicious!  So cast your doubts aside and give It’s muy healthy a try!

Mathew Shulman

Soy una Chef que me gusta aventurar en sabores de todo el mundo, por casualidad probé panecitos de Aguacate pero al probar el de naranja en mi boca se creo un festival (no me dolió el estómago y soy intolerante a los lacteos) la presentacion muy profesionlal Recomiendo mucho todos sus productos!

Haydee Coufadis

I absolutely love this products. My favourite is the avocado & cheese and my kids' is the orange. The granola bars "Barritas" are a life saver for school, they are low in sugar and nut-free. I'd say that in addition of being 'muy healthy' these products are 'muy delicious'

Marcela Aray

It's muy healthy is great for all occasions any day, healthy and delicious.

Isabel Inclan

Healthy and delicious muffins. Best option if you want to eat a healthy snack.

Karina Chuffart

The panecitos and cranberry barritas are delicious 😋 yummy 😊
I suggest you should try them.
Highly recommended!!

Yosh Bm

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Who we are

We are very close friends that besides our deep friendship have something in common, when we talk about food; “Most of our diet is based on meals low in carbs, gluten-free and ingredients that provide benefits to our health”.
Looking for what to eat “as” bread or treats… because we love them is how It’s muy healthy was born.
We are not experts in cooking or baking but we decided that we were going to bake our own Gluten Free low carb treats and  based on the combination of healthy ingredients. However, more than this…..we wanted to add ingredients that are typical in our countries Colombia and Mexico!

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